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Philips HQ 8 heads

Philips HQ 8 heads
Product Code: Philips HQ8 heads
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $65.22
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Description: Philips HQ8 heads are  popular product. But no longer available. We now sell   SH-50 product, which is improved replacement for HQ 8..So buy with confidence, it will definitely fit all models, listed below:

HQ71..series,HQ-72..,HQ-73,HQ-7­7..,HQ-7890,PT/AT7...,PT/AT8 ..,HQ-88..,HQ-5616,563,6175,6707,­6715,6756, 

We keep this photo HQ8 only  because many customers are looking for this product, But when you buy it here, we will send you a SH 50.which will fit.

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