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Electrolux and Philips EFH12 Hepa Filter
Description: Electrolux and Philips  EFH12 Hepa Filter, fit most Electrolux, Philips, Tornado, ..
Ex Tax: $22.61
Electrolux and Philips EFH12W Hepa Filter
Description: Electrolux  and Philips EFH12W hepa filter, for most models of Electrolux, Philips..
Ex Tax: $54.35
Electrolux Bags E51N
Description: Electrolux Bags E51N for use in Electrolux, Volta and Tornado vacuum cleaners. Please c..
Ex Tax: $13.87
Electrolux Bags E82N
Description: Electrolux Original bags E82N, for use in Volta Hilight U 2910, U 2915, Electrolux The ..
Ex Tax: $13.87
Electrolux E201S  S-Bags
Description: Electrolux E201S  S-Bags for most Electrolux, Philips, AEG, Tornado, Volta va..
Ex Tax: $13.87
Electrolux EF75B Filter
Description: Electrolux EF75B - hepa cartridge filter for Electrolux, Volta, Tornado, AEG models. Ch..
Ex Tax: $34.70
Electrolux EF78 Twinfilters
Description: Electrolux EF78 - washable hygiene filter for Twinclean: Z8210 to 8280 and AEG 8210 to ..
Ex Tax: $56.52
Electrolux EF91B Cartridge Filter
Description: Electrolux EF91B cartridge filter with odour control, to fit Z4236AZ, Z4237AZ, Z3276AZ ..
Ex Tax: $33.91
Electrolux ZE090 DriveBelts
Description: Electrolux ZE090 - pack of 2 drive belts fit all Electrolux uprights vacuums. ..
Ex Tax: $16.09
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